Friday, February 19, 2010

Will clear polyurethane remove, drip or blur fluorescent paint?

I'm building a wooden dance floor would like to protect guest from splinters...Will clear polyurethane remove, drip or blur fluorescent paint?
If you are painting the entire floor and just want to protect that paint from wearing off you can use an epoxy floor paint. It will save time and money.

But, to answer the actual question I would put a few coats of the paint on so it is a solid thick coat preferably using eggshell or satin finish. The you'll need to scuff sand the paint to rough it up and degloss the paint a little. You need to do this in between every coat for better bonding. Once the floor has been scuffed, swept, vacuumed and tacked cloth put on a product called SealCoat made by Zinnsser. This is a bonding coat and will stick to the paint very well. It is clear and will not harm the paint. Within three hours of applying the SealCoat (it dries in about 15 minutes) go ahead and put a coat of oil based polyurethane over the top of it. This will need to sit overnight to dry. Once again you'll need to scuff sand, sweep, vacuum and tack cloth the floor. Once it is clean put your final coat of oil based polyurethane on it. Let dry for 72 hours before any heavy walking, furniture, etc. is put on the floor.Will clear polyurethane remove, drip or blur fluorescent paint?
Hm... I don't think it's the best thing to use. Polyurethane won't remove or blur the paint. There is a polyurethane specially made for floors that may be a little more durable, but I suggest using either that or paint instead; like maybe an oil/alkyd based paint, or that water-based porch and floor paint that you can find at the Home Depot. The oil/alkyd paint is much thicker so you won't have a problem with splinters. The porch and floor paint is the best way to go; it will cover up the fluorescent paint (not sure if you want to keep that color or not), but it's the most durable for floors. But if you wan't to keep that fluorescent paint, I guess the second best thing to do would be to use that clear floor polyurethane.
Try it on a small sample piece.

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