Friday, February 19, 2010

Polyurethane clear gloss over porch Enamel Paint?

I am getting different answers at the few stores we have here about using a polyurethane clear gloss that can be used over a painted wood porch. I used Dutch Boy Exterior/interior Enamel porch and deck paint. Just painted it. One tells me no Minwax, one said only use a brand called Zar, which no one has here, I looked on internet and the Zar is Really costly!! So far the only thing they all agree on is to wait 2-3 days after painted, then put on one coat of polyurethane, let dry, lightly sand it so the polyurethane has something to bond to, then wait 24 hours before doing a second coat. I was able to put 2 coats of the paint with a bit left over from one gallon. So I am hoping one gallon would do for 2 coats of the polyurethane. Any idea's from someone that had this kind of experience please. I am doing it for my dad and want it to turn out nice looking, but I can't afford $40.00 for Zar besides the fact that no-one has it. Thanking You In Advance.Polyurethane clear gloss over porch Enamel Paint?
There's no reason to apply polyurethane over enamel porch and deck paint. It probably won't adhere very well anyway.

The paint is a wood sealant - why seal the sealant?Polyurethane clear gloss over porch Enamel Paint?
what gypsy ca says - dont use it, if it doesnt flake, it WILL yellow over time.

also after a few months of walking on it, it will start to look like a dull scratched up mess. even marine topcoats wont help. any worthwhile porch floor paint is sufficient to withstand use.

also if your floor is the least bit damp the paint will bond then start to flake off. best time to do this is when it is hot and you know the surface is 100%dry.
I would strongly advise AGAINST applying polyurethane over enamel. A good-quality deck enamel shouldn't need anything else over it to protect it.

The polyurethane will eventually flake in the sun; sun is terrible for polyurethane. Then, instead of reapplying just the paint, you'll have to sand or strip off the old poly before you repaint, if it's ever necessary.

Trust me on this one!

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